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Cover for Volume 13: Number 8: Mar, 2018

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Volume 13: Number 8: Mar, 2018

Feature Article: Internet Sites to Share: Motivational Slogans

By NorthStar Staff

“You miss every basket you don’t shoot.”

“Mistakes are the stepping stones to success.”


School hallways and motivational catalogs are full of slogans to encourage people to take chances—some trite, some clever. Here are three websites you can use to add to your repertoire or create a springboard for discussion. Or perhaps you could create a schoolwide contest to develop your building’s unique “top-ten.” It can easily be a multiple-curriculum activity involving:


      History (what famous persons might have said).

      Art (in different styles).

      Literature (in iambic pentameter).

      Music (a rap song).

      Science (using chemical formulas or math notation).


Motivational quotes. This a huge selection of motivational posters and slogans. Surely there are some here you can use to start the effort.


Brainy quotes. If you need a motivational selection and like to have the person(s) who said it as a reference, this site is a good one for you to use.


100 motivational quotes that will inspire you to be successful. This is another site full of text-only attributable quotations you could use in your newsletters and bulletins.



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