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Cover for Volume 13: Number 6: Jan, 2018

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Volume 13: Number 6: Jan, 2018

Feature Article: Begin with Learning Goals

By Michael J. Lovett, Ph.D.

What distinguishes districts and schools that have strategic instructional technology plans that make sense for learning and are widely accepted by students, staff, and community, from those that struggle with issues of alignment and acceptance?


During the past several years, most school leaders have become familiar with issues commonly faced by school districts, such as what devices to buy and how to approach professional development.


Consider this recent scenario.


School and district leaders at a conference on “Implementing Technology in Your School District” nibble on luncheon desserts and sip coffee to sustain them through the afternoon. At the front of the room, a panel of leaders describes one-to-one computer initiatives, including topics such as:

Should we get laptop computers or tablets?


What are creative ways of funding expensive technology expenditures?


Which companies provide the best tech support and professional development?



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