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Cover for Volume 13: Number 12: Jul, 2018

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Volume 13: Number 12: Jul, 2018

Feature Article: How Do Great Leaders Lead?

By Nancy Blade

Leadership is not a position, but a behavior. It requires listening with great intent; facilitating the meeting of diverse needs of students, staff, and parents; and reinforcing the values of the community. But how do great leaders lead? Is it what they say, or what they do? Are they “born to lead,” or do they learn by example?


Max De Pree (1987), author of Leadership Is an Art, says great leaders see opportunities where others see trouble. They give others the gift of space to be everything they can be. De Pree believes great leaders are giants and that giants have special gifts.


In asking an administrative assistant what makes her principal a giant, she didn’t list his responsibilities. Rather, she shared the following:


Great leaders

     are honest.

     trust and believe in their staff.

     remain calm in stressful situations.

     have an open-door policy and are approachable.

     are positive.

     know how to laugh at themselves.

     are always fair.

     are not just “black and white” thinkers, but can see “outside of the box.”

     relate to their employees and their community.

     are confident.

     have great communication skills.

     are resourceful.

     are open to new ideas.

     will always put the safety of students and staff first.



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